5 Alternative Winged Eyeliner Looks

Winged eyeliner can be tricky and may seem like a mono-type look but there are lots of different ways you can wing it and certainly rock it! The same eyeliner routine can get boring, so here are five alternative choices to change things up a bit. 1. Outer edge flick. Instead of stopping at your eye’s natural curve, you can extend and flick your liner to outline the entire outer corner of your crease to give a dramatic yet elegant look. First outline the basic triangular shape with a pencil liner then with a gel liner, go over the shape and clean the outer edges by carefully using an angled eyeliner brush.2. Open-ended-cat-eye. This may be too dramatic for an everyday type of look but it certainly captures the cat-esque allure with a sharp extended edges. Because the liner needs to be precise and smudge-proof, liquid eyeliner is the best to use. Line your top lash line normally, following the natural curve of your eye. After, extend the line downward past your tear duct, then gradually thicken the line upwards at the outer edge. Finally, begin in the middle of your lower lash line and connect it to the outer wing you created for your top lash line.3. Edged wing. Instead of following your natural lash line, you can extend it above to your eyelid crease and follow the curve for a dramatic edgy look. Using a gel liner, line your top lash line, increasing the thickness of it towards the outer edges. Create an angle that connects to your eye crease, making a triangular shape and fill the space in. You can set the look by going over with a liquid liner or black eye shadow. 

4. Rainbow eyeliner wing. To give your look some pizazz, you can create another winged line above your original one using creme shadow eyeliners or pigments. Colored gel liner or highly pigmented pencil eyeliners would work best to give a precise application.  

5. Under eye colored wing. If you want to give your eye some pop you can use a colored eyeliner like red, teal, or gold and flick it at the end to connect to your top line. 

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How to Curl Stubbornly Straight Eyelashes

If you have stubbornly straight eyelashes that won’t curl like mine, you’ve probably wished you could hairspray your eyelashes to hold the curl. If you follow the instructions of curling your eyelashes then applying mascara… the wetness of the mascara usually takes the curl away. You’re left with volumized and lengthened, but straight lashes. So then you try curling your eyelashes then applying mascara, only to be left with clumpy eyelashes and a sticky eyelash curler. Either way, it’s not pretty. While we can’t literally hairspray our eyelashes (I’ve tried.. don’t ask), here’s the next best thing.
1.    Apply clear mascara to completely dry uncurled top eyelashes. Apply both under and over top lashes.
2.    Wait until your eyelashes are completely dried. Apply makeup or style your hair while you wait.
3.    Once the clear mascara is completely dried, curl your lashes as you normally would. Notice how easily they curl? Separate your lashes if needed.
4.    Apply black mascara without fear of your eyelashes losing it’s curl!


The clear mascara basically acts as a styling gel and holds the curl even when you apply a wet coat of mascara. Happy eyelash curling everyone!



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¿Te gustaría tomar un CURSO de AutoMaquillaje?

Te has inspirado como guía en tus mentores prof. de maquillaje o en tus ídolos o celebridades, probablemente has comprado diferentes brochas,  has invertido en millones de sombras y distintos productos para maquillarte…pero..y  ahora..?

Lo que te falta saber y adquirir son aquellas técnicas, trucos, tips y habilidades  profesionales para saber aplicar  y dar el uso correcto a todo esto y lograr un maquillaje que sea ideal para ti!

Q puedas lucir espectacular dia/noche, en el trabajo/evento social.

06 Willie


You’ve studied your mentors. You’ve pinpointed 
your idols from your favorite era…
You’ve bought the books; You may even have 
the tools—but do you have the skills 
or the tecniques? Time to take a make-up workshop!!!
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